Owner/Instructor   Dale R Trythall Jr. “Trail


I started my law enforcement and became a police officer in May 1994. I started working in several smaller police departments in Berks County Pennsylvania. In June on 1998 I was hired by the City of Reading and I am still actively serving there. I ride the police department motors as part of my duties. I am a certified police motorcycle officer. I graduated from the Northwestern University Traffic Institute. Police Motorcycle Operator Training Course in August 1994. I graduated from the Philadelphia Police Department’s Highway Patrol Unit’s, 80 hour Police Motorcycle Operator Training Course Wheel School in July 2020. I am an Emergency Vehicle Operations Control (EVOC) instructor. I train cadets in the police academy in the emergency driving operations of police vehicles. In addition to my police motorcycle experience and training.


I have been a certified motorcycle safety instructor for the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program since July 1992 to the present. I am a Nationally certified RiderCoach with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I am also an instructor/trainer for Total Control Training Inc. I have taught, trained, and licensed numerous students over these years to learn how to ride motorcycles from the basic riding courses, to the intermediate riding courses, to the advanced riding courses and the 3 wheel riding courses.

During my police career. I have competed in police motorcycle rodeos. I have also seen and investigated numerous motorcycle crashes and fatalities involving riders of all ages and all skill levels. The common causes of these crashes were that these riders lacked the necessary knowledge and physical skills that are needed to be in total control over their machines. These riders lacked the necessary skills for safely negotiating corners and or the other much needed crash avoidance skills. Your life depends on how well you can handle your motorcycle in unexpected situations. This is why I am so passionate about teaching motorcycle safety courses. It’s because I am a lifelong learner of motorcycle training. You must keep your motorcycling skillset at the top of your game. I also want to pass on my motorcycling knowledge, experience, training, and techniques that I have learned on to other riders. I want to help give them the tools to be safer riders. ProRider will give me that chance to reach even more motorcyclists and help them save their own lives.

My love for motorcycles started at the age of 8 years old.  When my dad got me my first dirt bike motorcycle and taught me how to ride. I currently own a Harley-Davidson Street Glide, Honda CBR 600F4i, and a Kawasaki KDX 220.

I am married and have a daughter and son. I taught my son how to ride motorcycles when he was 8 years old. I also taught him to ride street motorcycles and to get his motorcycle license. In my spare time when I am not riding or teaching motorcycle classes. I enjoy studying and teaching Ryu Kyu Hon Kenpo Kobujutsu karate and kobudo. I teach a Rape Aggression Defense System women’s only self-defense course at a local college and other places too.

Ernest Kopecky - Philadelphia Chief Instructor

Ernest started riding in the summer of 2009. He is a Motorcycle Officer with Lower Chichester Township Police Department. He has completed the following motorcycle training: MSF PA Basic Rider, MSF PA Basic 2 Rider, and MSF PA Advanced Rider; Harley Davidson Basic Rider Edge; Primary, Advanced Level I, Advanced Level II, and Primary Police Motorcycle Operator Training at Midwest Police Motorcycle Training; as well as the ProRider Precision & Control, Defensive Riding, Advanced Riding, and Instructor
courses; and is a certified Police Motorcycle Instructor through ProRider Motorcycle Training, ICE, Inc. Over the years, he has accumulated a total of over 454 hours of training primarily with Police motorcycle instructors, but also with civilian instructors, approximately 380 hours of on range practice time, and over 50 hours of teaching time as an Assistant Instructor and over 216 hours as an instructor with ProRider, Philadelphia; he is currently the Chief Instructor for ProRider, Philadelphia. He continues to refine his motorcycle riding skills through yearly training at Midwest Police Motorcycle Training or ProRider. He currently rides a duty 2021 HD Road King Police and a personal 2013 HD Road King Police
for teaching and training.